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How To Almost Make It

How To Almost Make It - 26/04/16

How To Almost Make It

Almost exactly ten years ago, I happened to answer the phone in my parents’ kitchen, and, much to my surprise, the caller asked to speak to Mr Fogg. It was Louise Kattenhorn from BBC Radio 1 telling me that Rob Da Bank was going to play my first self-released single that night, and asking if I would be willing to record a short interview. That phone call set me off on an adventure that has seen me perform live in 13 countries and on radio and television; open a pop-up shop; work with million-selling record producers, an Oscar-nominated Hollywood filmmaker and a royal harpist; take over Trafalgar Square for for a one-shot music video; start my own record label; and contribute to ground-breaking releases by Thom Yorke and Imogen Heap using BitTorrent and blockchain respectively.

In the weeks before my last album, Youth, was released, I wrote a book about what it is really like to be a musician on the lower rungs of the music industry, based on those ten years of experience: working with people who are made of equal parts creativity and chaos; navigating the murky waters of the major label system; travelling to contrasting worlds of Hollywood’s glitz and Eastern Europe’s DIY music scene; narrowly avoiding a tabloid scandal involving the royal family; and trying to implement huge ideas on a tiny budget. I snuck it onto Amazon last year, but never told anybody about it.

The book is called HOW TO ALMOST MAKE IT and is available now in paperback from almost any online bookstore. I hope that by passing on my learning from the front line of the music industry I can help people younger and more talented than me avoid making the same mistakes that I did. And, hey, maybe it will also be entertaining.

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