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Blog: We don’t work at weekends 26/01/12

The music industry, as you are probably well aware, is not in the rudest of health. In the last year alone total music sales in the UK have shrunk by 5.6%.

It is an industry in a state of panic, desperately pulling out all the stops to reverse the decline.

Or is it?

I happened across a twitter conversation between two successful music PRs recently that keeps going round in my head. It went a little something like this:

Fair enough, you might say. 1 hour of the working week is hardly a substantial amount of time to wait before chasing somebody.

But it is something else that interests me about this conversation.

It’s the mild outrage at the suggestion that anybody might do any work between Friday at 6pm and Monday at 10am; the luxuriating in the fact that they are not the sort of people who work – or need to work – at weekends.

I should say that I have no particular reason to believe that these two people are lazy, or as professionally uninterested as this out-of-context quote implies.

It strikes me though that the music industry has created a culture where informality is celebrated to such an extent that hard work has been outlawed.

Even as I write this I can hear people saying that the music industry is unique, that it should be creative and fun, that it’s about art – not spreadsheets and figures. That may be true.

But I don’t know another industry where you can make somebody fall off their chair just by suggesting a 9am meeting.

Music may have its basis in chaos and artistry, but I sometimes wish the music industry would act as though it had noticed the state it’s in.


– Fogg


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