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Keep Your Teeth Sharp (Poirier Remix) – exclusive 11/01/10 have an exclusive remix of Keep Your Teeth Sharp by Ninja Tune producer Poirier available as a free download.

You can get your copy by clicking here

And here’s what rcrdlbl had to say about the track:

“Epic, emotional, pensive – none of these words could be used to describe Poirier’s club perv remix of Mr. Fogg’s “Keep Your Teeth Sharp”. The original? Yes. It’s a heartfelt and lonesome electronic ballad. But this is filth. Riding on snarky Velcro bass and madcap hi-hat splashes, Poirier transforms the track utterly into a bad man banger with twisted guts and an impish glint in its eye. Dance for it, then hit it on the head with an ashtray and call the police.”

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